Notes From Men’s Wild Game Buffet

Notes From Men’s Wild Game Buffet

On May 1st, 35-40 men from inside and outside Princeton Bible Church met together, played bags, did some grunting, and ate Alligator, Turkey, Frog Legs, Deer, Rabbit, and much more. We're especially thankful for our Deacons who not only worked through the details of this cool event, but also cooked and served the delicious meal. We'd also like to thank our ladies who made some incredible pies, cookies, and brownies to stuff into our already stuffed-to-the-brim bellies. We were like grain sacks bursting at the seams!

Here are Pastor Curtis' notes from the teaching that Sunday night: 


As you can see, there is a bit of confusion as to what a real man is. But it seems as though a good place to start is food, blowing stuff up, and Steven Segal.

We have a very vast understanding of what it takes to be a man. Real men don't cry! Real men cry. Real men provide for their family. Real men don't disrespect women. Real men don't care what a women wants. As you can see, it's not real clear. There is also a movement to remove the line of distinction between men and women. Culturally, the more we can get away from a clear understanding of manhood and womanhood the sooner we can move entirely away from the Bible. Because the Bible has always made a distinction between the 2. A distinction in regards to function and formation. Function has been under attack since year 1. The distinction of formation has been under attack much more recently.

I would say that one of the greatest problems with men in our culture is the tendency to coast. To simply assume things are fine. Sadly the men of my generation and those after me are not known for action, but for video game proficiency.

The Apostle Paul has been writing to the Christians in Corinth in large part as a rebuke to them. He rebuked them for their fleshly thinking. They were so devoted which preacher they loved more that they never grew in their knowledge of the truth. He corrected them in their acceptance of immorality within the congregation. He confronted them on the way they dealt with disagreements among them, bringing shame to Christ. They struggled with idolatry and the way the church functioned. They had no idea how to love one another.

Paul ends his letter to the Corinthians with 4 separate statements to the men of the Church. They have a very strong military feel to them and they even almost ring out like 4 gun shots on a quiet day. I believe the use of military language is intentional. Paul was never shy to say that living a life in Christ is a total battle. Christians are soldiers engaged in battle. Life is not just some big party.

Be watchful!

  • This word means to be awake, to be vigilant, to be alert, stand guard!
  • The term is used more than 20 times in the NT and it most often refers to being spiritually awake as opposed to being indifferent.
  • What are we to be watchful of?

Clearly Paul was speaking to a group of people who were anything but standing guard.

They had chosen not to be alert in any way.

They had allowed arguments to break out over petty things.

They chose their own full bellies over the welfare of others.

They allowed people to live in unrepentant sin and even boasted about it!

  • Satan prowls like a lion, be on guard 1 Peter 5:8-9

Satan uses the world to infiltrate us too.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

  • We have to be on our guard for temptation. (Watching T.V. with kids)
  • Indifference is a very insidious sin.

It is so dangerous because it is hard to define.

Apathy is doesn't care, thus cannot be watchful or on alert.

Revelation 3:1-3 - They were suffering from the sin of indifference.

Stand firm in the faith!

  • Watchfulness will provide quite a lot of help in standing firm. I can knock a sleeping person off their feet pretty easily. (Favorite football play)
  • When He says stand firm in the faith. He's not saying the process of believing something is important. He's talking about the object of our faith.
  • Paul is calling us to stand firm in our faith in God's truth 1 Timothy 6:11-12, Philippians 1:27.
  • The reality is you can't stand firm in a faith you don't have, we must first have faith in Christ. Then we stand firm.
  • Standing firm is sometimes called arrogance. It is standing in God's truth, immovable unable to let sin swerve us.
  • It is easy to let our own personal sins allow us to change what we believe, Don't do it!!

Act like men!

  • This term is the idea of courage. It can also mean maturity. Acting like men is having mature courage. Not idiotic courage.
  • The word would translate to "Play the man" or "Man up!" in our modern day vernacular.
  • Remember we are talking in military terms, fight like men. Defend the faith like men. (Story: My 2 sons fighting)
  • We grow in our ability to be courageous and mature like men by being devoted to God's word!

Be strong!

  • This has to do with inner spiritual strength
  • The word really means be strengthened. We cannot strengthen ourselves, that is the Lord's work.
  • We are strengthened by God as we submit ourselves to Christ. Nothing good in me only what Christ does through me.

Let all that you do be done in love.

  • Love compliments all of this to prove they are not done from our flesh.
  • Anyone can be watchful, firm in some faith, manly and strong.
  • But to do it with the kind of Love Paul just got done talking about in Chapter 13 is impossible without Christ.
  • One of the greatest things I'm trying to teach my boys is to be strong and gentle.
  • Love it the element that will allow that.

The point of our time tonight is to shine a light on an area I believe it is easy to sleep on.

The strength of Godly manhood is rooted and grounded in God's word

I need this, don't be apathetic! Be actively pursuing Godliness and righteousness.

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