This document has been written by the leadership of Princeton Bible Church and is meant to define the values of this church body:
  • We hold to the fact that God, as the creator of the universe, has revealed himself to us through His actions and words.
  • We stand on the understanding that God is able to preserve the word He has spoken and thus should be interpreted with a literal, historical and grammatical approach.
  • We are committed to agreeing with God in the areas he has addressed, whether or not we completely understand His reasoning.
  • We believe His Word stands alone: over and above any other voice we may encounter.
  • We affirm that the Bible is very clear in defining sin. However, we do not see a need to attack a person/group because of a particular sin.
  • We realize that all humanity has sinned and are under the wrath of God apart from repentance and faith in Christ.
  • We know sin is an affront to God and we will speak of it as such.
  • We are devoted to being kind, gentle, generous and patient toward all with whom we come into contact.
  • We are committed not to let a culture or a government define for us what is right or wrong morally but God's word alone working through each conscience.
  • We will not condone any activity or behavior that defies God's law, even if the law of the land requires us to do so. We will choose to stand with God and suffer the consequences.
  • We are devoted to the truth that the transforming work of Christ is the only hope of change and reform in our culture.
  • We will never cease preaching the whole Counsel of God, especially Jesus Christ crucified.


Curtis Odell — Senior Pastor

Justin Bullington — Associate Pastor

Tom Odell

Everett Holmes

Mike Bullington

Mike Luft

The Bad News

Where you will spend eternity will be decided in this life. You will stand before the holy, loving, God of all creation and give an account for your life (Hebrews 9:27). God is not a liar, thief, blasphemer, fornicator, adulterer, or murderer, for he is holy and altogether righteous. You were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27); you know it is wrong (a sin) when you lie, steal, take God’s name in vain, commit sexual immorality, or even hate someone! Because you are a sinner who has broken God’s law, as a just judge, God will punish you in Hell. God’s eternal punishment for sinners is actually righteous justicebecause we have sinned against Him, an infinite being.

The Good News

But God, in perfect love, sent His only Son Jesus into the world to save sinners (1 John 4:14). To satisfy God’s wrath toward sinners, God crushed His Son on a cross (Isaiah 53:6). Jesus took on the punishment sinners deserve, then rose from the grave victorious 3 days later! In exchange for the wrath they deserve, sinners can have the righteousness of Jesus by repenting and putting their faith in Jesus and what He has done (2 Corinthians 5:21, Mark 1:15).

Your Response

Call on the name of the Lord today — and be saved (Romans 10:13). Trust that the only righteousness you have before God is that righteousness which is found in another, Jesus Christ.